A Friendly Gathering, an exciting collaborative project by food bloggers Mel and Steph, connecting like-minded people with friendly food and conversation.

We are both passionate cooks who love eating, developing recipes and sharing our experiences with the world. We have both been following the low FODMAP diet to manage food intolerance for many years now, so we know all too well how challenging and stressful it is to continually stick to this complex diet. Through AFG, we want to bring together fellow low FODMAPpers, and give you the opportunity to enjoy stress-free gatherings with deliciously friendly food and conversation. AFG will be your oasis away from the stresses of food intolerance, and a place to connect you with the ever growing low FODMAP community of Melbourne.

We cannot wait to meet you!

Mel & Steph x


Steph aka Friendly Little Kitchen

Steph is a Melbourne based food blogger, whose life revolves around cooking, eating and focusing on the bright side of living with food intolerance.  After being diagnosed with fructose malabsorption, Steph turned to the low FODMAP diet to get her health back on track, and began sharing her stories and recipes on Friendly Little Kitchen in the hope of helping others with the difficulties of adjusting their diet. Friendly Little Kitchen is filled with a collection of delicious and healthy recipes made to suit several dietary requirements, including low FODMAP, gluten free, lactose free, fructose friendly and sugar free diets.

Mel aka The Fructose Friendly Chef

Mel is a Country Victoria based food blogger and qualified chef, with a huge passion for everything food related. She currently works in the agricultural industry, at the very beginning of food production, and continues her passion for food through many avenues – creating special occasion cakes, her blog The Fructose Friendly Chef and spending time in the kitchen whipping up delicious dishes for friends and family. Mel began The Fructose Friendly Chef a few years ago after being diagnosed with Fructose Intolerance. Back then with the low FODMAP diet being relatively new, Mel wanted to share her skills for substitution learnt through working as a qualified chef and her passion for food with other like-minded FODMAPpers. With even less FODMAP friendly options available for eating out in the country, Mel has built an archive of dishes great for sharing with family and friends.